Our history is something we can never truly escape, as hard as we may try to. What’s past is prologue. It’s a universally haunting concept, one that affects us all in different ways.

That’s where our story comes in. Homecoming is a short film that has been in development by Josh Belmont and Beyond Horizon Films over an eight-year period, and it’s an ambitious sci-fi project that explores what happens when one man is forced to grapple with his dark past. We’re film students attempting to create a short film with the cinematic depth and wonder you’d expect from a Hollywood-scale JJ Abrams or Ridley Scott epic.

That���s no easy task. Which is why we invite you to embark on this venture with us. We need your help. Your support. This grand vision of ours can’t come to life without it. Whatever you contribute will help in a real, meaningful way to bring this film to fruition. Please visit our Indiegogo to learn more about how you can make Homecoming a reality – and become heroes of our own filmmaking story.