David Campfield Crop

A quiet and brilliant inventor, Jacob Corbett is a wanted man running out of options. He decides to travel home to a past that won’t leave him.

Tressa Ohler

Jianna is a cold and brooding Imperial agent who has unexpectedly befriended her longest standing mark – Jacob Corbett. Having fallen for the one of the galaxy’s most wanted men, she has chosen to protect him with her life.

Emily Nunez

Aylissa is Jacob’s daughter. Bright, intelligent, and imaginative, she idolizes her father and wishes to follow the path of the inventor. Her fate, however, could prove to be far more tragic.

Aylissa is played by Emily Nunez.

Emily Nunez is an actress living and working in Northern California. She is best known for her small role in “Happiness” a multi-award winning short film by Chris King, and a music video for Fate Under Fire set to air in 2015. Emily is fascinated by the entire movie making process and has her eye on the director’s chair. She often creates and directs her own films at home, with two of those gaining local government recognition. Emily also has a number of interests including cheering, where here cheer team won the Grand National Championship in 2014, and golf. She is an A student who is not afraid to serve others.


Ranard is the overlord of the enemy government. He is ruthless and stubborn, killing and maiming to get what he believes is his – Jacob’s shield technology. Despite brief moments of reflection on his wrongdoings, he is a brutal tyrant with little remorse.

Joelle Jacoby

Nyssa is the young, brainy daughter of Ranard – a girl with an uncommon maturity and wisdom for her age. She is often the victim of her father’s cruelty, and to win his respect, eventually hunts down Jacob to obtain his rare shield tech.

Alexandra 1

Sarah is Jacob’s wife and Aylissa’s mother. She’s an ex-smuggler – a reformed lawbreaker who still shows glimpses of her roguish past. She is Jacob’s voice of reason in the midst of chaos.

Neil Baker 2

Garrith is a large, meaty mercenary hired by the enemy government to commit their dirty errands. And – unfortunately for Jacob – he’s very good at it.