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wow they actually care about each other so much and are actually friends

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replica hermes belt uk Questions? Check out /r/kpophelpWhen Jonghyun postponed his own concert to go to Taemin first solo concert decked out from head to toe in Taemin merch. All of the Shinee members have always taken care of Taemin over the years, and there are a lot of small moments that clearly show the extent to which they looked after him, but Jonghyun was his number one fan and always went above and beyond to publicly support him. This is just the replica birkin bag grandest gesture of affection I can think of haha. replica hermes belt uk

Hermes Replica Another moment that stands out for me for a lot https://www.hbags.ru/hermes-birkin-bags-35cm-c-32_3/ of the same reasons is when Minho attended Jonghyun last day DJing for Blue Night. He always the first person in Shinee to support the other members solo activities and to celebrate Shinee as a group, and in this case, he knew how important Blue Night was to Jonghyun and made sure he was there for him (at like 2 in the morning no less!). He so patient with them, explaining every aspect they don understand profoundly and even when he evaluating them, replica hermes mini bag he very technical and telling them how can they improve instead of being an www.hbags.ru asshole about it. hbags reviews His popularity is skyrocketing in China and that what hermes belt replica he deserves. Hermes Replica

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Xu Minghao as the dance trainer ep 8I had completely forgotten about this show. Wow. Here come the tears.

Funnily enough Onew’s In Your Eyes is one of my favorite OSTs. I downloaded it illegally back before kpop was ever on iTunes. And after Jjong passed away, I found it and listened to it constantly.

perfect hermes replica A lot of the 2nd generation groups have always been really honest with here their relationships. SHINee definitely leads the pack. I think their age differences really help more open communication and a lot the tensions were between Minho and Key who are same age friends. But when you hbags replica hermes have a maknae so young and a leader quite a bit older, it makes for less competition. Their ability to be more open probably has to do with that general level of maturity. Their relationships definitely improved when they started living away from the dorm more. perfect hermes replica

Having seen SHINee behind the scenes at music shows, it is their body language off camera that cemented it for me. And it is small stuff like Minho stealing a ring off of Jinki finger while waiting for the music to start during the Inkigayo replica hermes Symptoms recording, passing each other water bottles just off stage, or holding hands out to help each other up and down the stage.

what he said was that it was hard to describe their relationship replica hermes bags vista and that people thinking they were a family weren getting it right. what he ment was (i believe) that he didn feel comfortable mini birkin bag replica with the common “appa, umma, children” kind of family that (still) many people love to see in SHINee and other groups. key being seen as taemin mom and the constant and lasting “joke” about what the affectionate behaviour was about, might actually have hurt him quite a lot.